Drama filled November, so far! lol….

Wow, this month has started with a lot of drama.. I won’t go into a lot of it because I don’t want to embarrass anyone, but holy cow! On the other hand, Ashlee is doing great in Texas with her dad. When I am out in public people ask me about her all the time. She got her first report card and she made all As and Bs. I was very proud of her. She enjoys being the “BIG SISTER” and her dad just proposed to her soon to be Step Mom and I am so happy for them!

It is very hard to get the phone calls from Ashlee, sometimes, about things she doesn’t like out there. I remind her there were things here she didn’t like either. I support my ex husband’s rules and she has to speak up and talk about her feelings and pretty much deal with it because it was her choice to move. I want her to be happy but she has to realize there are consequence for all decisions! Let’s just say we don’t get the same in another situation – hence the drama!!!!!!!

Kim took her ACT and we are waiting for her results. I am really proud of her. She is doing great in school and her driving is GREAT! She is being so respectful and a joy to watch become an adult. JT and I tell her all the time, it is because of her being so responsible that we have been able to do what we do for so long! She will do great things and be such a productive member of society and an independent woman – that is what us mom’s should want for our daughters! I know that the two behind Kim will also be amazing adults – they just aren’t as old yet and still have some room to grow and decisions to make!


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